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Pilgrim Hospital Radio (PHR) has been providing a dedicated service to the patients of Boston's Pilgrim Hospital for over 40 years! It is not only going strong, it is a growing concern.


Where it all began

Started in 1974 by Mel Kennedy, his brother Martin and their associate Mike Carson, Pilgrim Hospital Radio had very humble beginnings. Broadcasting from a space little bigger than a broom cupboard, the radio soon proved an important part of patient welfare and was offered larger accommodation, moving from the ground floor to the first. This served us well until 1988, but now we are located in a  custom built space, comprising 2 studios, an office and a library. Officially opened by the then Mayor of Boston, Councillor Geoff Moulder, this suite is still the station's home for the 20 or so voluntary staff who broadcast between 7.00pm and 10.00pm, Monday to Friday.


Famous Faces

Well known artists appearing in Skegness have, from time to time, agreed to interviews by PHR which have been recorded for subsequent broadcast: Daniel O'Donnell and Ken Dodd are two which are well remembered but many stories could be told from over the years. You may also occasionally hear famous voices, such as Al Murray in our jingles.



Ward visiting is a key part of our work at PHR, having a number of dedicated volunteers who go up to the wards meeting patients and their families and taking requests. Mainstream easy listening music is most popular, with Daniel O'Donnell being the most requested artist along with Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra. However, if a patient wants something different, we will try our best to play their choices. When requests are insufficient to fill the time available, we consult lists of the most requested artists as well as keeping you up to date with local sports news, cinema and theatre listings, and the occasional interview.
















Our Volunteers

It's not all work and no play at PHR, there are social events arranged throughout the year. An afternoon cruise along Boston's River Witham was one of our regular annual events for Members and Friends, and we have an annual Christmas event - the most unusual in recent times was a visit to the studios of BBC Radio Lincolnshire followed by a buffet meal in Lincoln. These social gatherings allow volunteers who work different nights, and normally leave messages for each other, to get together. See our News page to check out what our volunteers have been up to recently.


PHR recognises that its volunteers are the most valuable asset and that their hard work and commitment enable the station to provide a professional service to the patients.

From time to time sadly members leave us, however when they do, most like to keep in touch. This was why we decided to form ' The Friends Of PHR' who keep in touch not only for advice, but also for social gatherings and can give help to the station whenever required.

The first 40 years have been happy and successful, and with the group of volunteers we have there is no reason why the next 40 years cannot be even better. Our recent upgrade to stereo output, the new Hospedia Entertainment System and the forthcoming introduction of a new web site should provide for many fresh opportunities for the future.